Reminder about leaving accepted for allotment of shares in Crown Energy

Commodity Quest reminds all its shareholders to submit their acceptance of the allocation of shares in Crown Energy before the end of the response time , ie on Friday, 18 November 2011. Notification must be received by the Mangold Brokerage on instructions to the letter that was sent to shareholders.

Crown Energy intends shortly to list its shares on Nasdaq OMX First North Stockholm.

About Crown Energy
Crown Energy shall, through processing and exploration develop oil and gas projects in over -exploited areas , initially Africa. Growth in value created by developing assets in the early stages until they are ready to be transferred to a larger player in the oil and gas industry. Crown Energy is focused on exploring opportunities with great potential for recoverable reserves. The company seeks a good spread of risk, geographical and geological, and strives farmout opportunities that exit strategy to ensure as far as possible to capitalize their assets. Crown Energy began operations in 2010 with the construction of their portfolio. The business is currently focused on Africa. CEO of Crown Energy is its main shareholder and also the founder Ulrik Jansson with extensive experience in the areas of raw materials and energy, including as former CEO and principal owner of PA Resources.

More information about Crown Energy is available on the company website: .