Planned drilling program and production guidance for 2014

The drilling program includes 5-9 potential structures at Tomahawk Humble A and B unit at Concorde Dome, and a 5 to 10 potential structures at Orangefield.
With the given drilling program is the expectation that production will reach , or exceed , 600 barrels per day.

“In light of the successful drilling of the Concorde Dome , we have presented a drilling program and production guidance for 2014.
On the Concorde Dome , we have planned to conduct five to nine wells in 2014. , We will build two to three drilling sites and based on the early results , decide if the bores localization.

At Orangefield we plan between five and ten wells with implementation in 2014. A collaboration between Geotrace and Benchmarks geologist has resulted in three highly interesting structures have been identified . All structures have the potential for several wells on the oil are encountered. The strategy also includes the implementation of new wells in the vicinity of existing wells where we believe that the full potential is not utilized. The strategy is similar to the one we are currently working on the Concorde Dome.