Pål Mörch new president of Commodity Quest

Board of Commodity Quest has appointed Pål Mörch new CEO. Pål Mörch will take office on 1 January 2012.

Pål Mörch comes from Remium Nordic AB, where he worked in the business area Equities. Pål has extensive experience in finance and has among other things worked for 8 years in private banking in Switzerland, said Pål helped finance several projects in the oil and commodities. He was, among other things, a board member of Tomsk Refining , where he was responsible for the funding.

– Pål Mörch have a background and experience that is well suited to lead the Commodity Quest come. He is experienced and has a vast network of oil and raw materials and is very growth oriented, says Håkan Gustafsson, Chairman of Commodity Quest.

– Commodity Quest is a very exciting company with fundamentally good projects in various stages of development. For me it’s very exciting to be involved in developing Commodity Quest as the company is entering a new phase, says Pål Mörch, future CEO of Commodity Quest .