Flow Testing of the well Tomahawk Humble B#9

Well Tomahawk Humble B # 9 was put into trial production during the Friday evening and produced during the following 24 hours a total of 339 barrels of fluid , 30% of oil. During the test period showed the well rising proportion of oil , which made ​​us confident that the production level will be well over 100 barrels per day.

“We expected that B # 9 well would be larger and of better quality than the previously tested B # 10 cockpit. However, it was a surprise to see such high levels of production that was shown in test production. Only the well B # 9 has the capacity to alone produce more oil per day than the total daily production of Orangefield . Higher up in the reservoir is a shallow oil column which we can begin to produce in a few years when we have seen a decline in production from the current zone . During the first six hours of the test , we saw a 20 percent share of oil production, while we in the test last six hours saw an oil percentage had risen to over 30 percent. We now see the possibility that the oil rate may continue to rise when we put the well in full production.

We completed B # 9 in a different way than we did at B # 10, with fewer perforations through hole shell out to the reservoir . The approach has proved far more effective in our type of reservoir which is marked clearly on the well’s flow . We will now cement again a number of perforations in the casing of B # 10 with the hope to see similar results on B # 9. It can affect our goal for what the well is expected to produce .

We have over the weekend preparing test production of the well B # 8 and will return with results from this within a week.” Says Pål Mörch , CEO.

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