Flow Testing of the well Tomahawk Humble B#10

Well Tomahawk Humble B # 10 was put into test production during Monday evening and produced between 17:00 and 20:00 total of 27 barrels of oil with a by-production of 100 barrels of water. The well exhibited stable characteristics at constant flow levels of 1900 feet in depth , and a pressure of 1200 psi.

“We are very pleased with the results of the first test production at the Well B # 10. Theoretically, we see production levels well above 100 barrels per day , but we expect a sustainable level of between 30-50 barrels per day when the flow is stabilized. To further improve production , we investigate now the possibility to reduce the by-production of water to thereby increase oil production. Bottom of the well pressure of 1200 psi is close to the perfect ‘ virgin pressure ‘ for the production of wells with B # 10’s nature.

We will tomorrow begin test production of the well B # 9 and will get back with results within a week,” says Pål Mörch , CEO.

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