Dome Energy Annual General Meeting June 25, 2015

The shareholders of Dome Energy AB (publ) (“Dome Energy” or the “Company”) (Ticker: DOME) gathered June 25, 2015 for the Annual General Meeting.

Dome Energy AB decided to adjourn the presentation of the annual report and audit report and the determination of those, since all the audit evidence and documentation for the consolidated financial statements could not be provided to the auditors in such time that the audit could be completed before the AGM.

Allocation of profits; discharge of the directors and CEO; decision on fees to the board and the auditor as well as the election of Board members and auditor was also adjourned.

The AGM resolved to resume the items adjourned at a continued annual general meeting as soon as possible.

The AGM authorized the Board to finalize and implement the announced sale of all shares in the wholly owned subsidiary Dome Inc. to Pedevco Corp., Texas, United States, listed on the NYSE MKT, against payment in the form of shares in Pedevco. The authorization includes the right for the Board to take all necessary measures required in consequence of the decision.