Significant hydrocarbon discovery at the Orange Field whilst undertaking recompletion program

Dome Energy AB. (Ticker: DOME) herein after “Dome” and/or “the Company”) provides update on ongoing operations at Orange Field, Texas. The Company is currently undertaking a multi-recompletion program on the field. During a work-over of an existing well, a new productive zone was perforated. During this process, the well encountered substantially higher amounts of pressurized gas hydrocarbons than expected causing a blowout. The Company immediately enacted its well management procedures with independent situation specialist Wild Well Control Inc. brought in to control and stop the flow from the well.

Dome can report that there have been no personal injuries and limited environmental impact with the hydrocarbons leakage now stopped. Although the situation is being investigated, the Company is insured and worked closely with State and Federal Environmental Bodies and relevant local authorities during the process.

Paul Morch, CEO, commented: “Our Company procedures have worked correctly, safety and the environment are major priorities for us. This blowout shows the potential of this recompletion program and Orange Field over all. Even though it is an old field, blowouts like this seldom occurs and it shows that there are significant oil and gas left to recover. Our focus is now to continue the recompletion program.”