Commodity Quest’s rights issue fully subscribed

Commodity Quest’s rights issue to existing shareholders is closed . The rights issue was fully subscribed by existing shareholders and new investors , including investors who subscribed for shares without preferential accounted for 59 percent.

After the rights issue Registration of the number of shares in Commodity Quest will amount to 155,298,971 and the share capital will amount to 26,400,825 SEK . Issue provides Commodity Quest approximately 8.8 million before issue costs.

Last day of trading of Commodity Quest BTA 1 (paid subscription shares 1) is 30 June 2011.

The record date is July 5, 2011 and the new shares will be distributed to each owner’s shareholders custodies den 7 July 2011.

First day of trading of Commodity Quest BTA 2 (paid subscription shares 2 ) on 1 July 2011 ( the day after the last day of trading in the BTA 1) and continues until the registration with the Companies Registration Office.