Commodity Quest’s oil production in the U.S. (Benchmark Oil & Gas) was for March 2012 to 86 barrels per day

Benchmark Oil & Gas average production for March was 86 barrels per day.

Compared with January, the average daily production for March increased by 69%. During March, 44 wells have been in production compared to 24 at the beginning of the year.

“The effect of the so-called workovers that began early this year has given clear production effect. Efforts to repair and restore wells is progressing still and is expected to have a positive effect on the company’s production. We have seen good effect by more producing wells and continues to examine opportunities for additional 90 wells on Orange Field.

In late March, a pilot study with gas injection commenced at the well Harmon-B3, from which we await the results”, says Pål Mörch, CEO.