Dome Energy has built a robust diverse portfolio of producing assets with considerable growth potential. With production of 1,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day, Dome manages its asset base through its experienced operational staff along with established and technically competent partners Anadarko (NYSE: APC), BP (NYSE: BP), Chesapeake (NYSE: CHK), and XTO (subsidiary of ExxonMobil NYSE: XOM).

Production is derived from a balanced and diversified portfolio of Oil, Condensate and Gas produced in Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming.

Dome is continuing to grow its production through the development of its existing asset base. The Company has many “low-hanging fruit” opportunities to increase production at a low cost through work-overs, re-completions and drilling of proven undeveloped drilling locations to reach 5,000 boepd.

Texas – Orange Field
A prolific proven producing field with substantial remaining exploitable resources. Dome is undertaking an extensive workover and infill drilling program to increase production to ~1,200 boepd from the field.

The well locations have been selected using data gathered from over 60 square miles of the Company’s seismic data coupled with the analysis of over 300 existing wells surrounding the acreage. Dome’s program includes drilling of 12 new wells and 20 recompletions.

Texas – Concord Dome
Discovered in 1942 with salt dome hydrocarbon bearing structures, Concord Dome wells yield high initial production rates of upto 350 boepd as well as being long-life wells. Many wells were plugged in the 1980s due to the depressed prices.

Dome has undertaken extensive work to determine re-completion candidates along with infill drilling locations. Recently the Company undertook a seismic survey on the field in preparation for the drilling of new wells.

Dome operates seven wholly owned fields in the Bighorn and Wind River Basins. Targeting conventional oil and gas reserves, the portfolio contains numerous development drilling locations along with low-cost workover and recompletion candidates.

Kentucky – KYTX
Production is from 107 wells producing from the Devonian Shale and Big Lime formations from long-life, low OPEX wells.

Infrastructure includes 37 Km of pipeline infrastructure over the acreage. The pipeline network is capable of handling 9,000,000 mscf/day and is connected to the Delta pipeline system. On the basis of 20 acre well spacing there is potential for upto 216 proven undeveloped drilling locations on the current acreage.

Dome is initiating a twofold workover program of returning shut-in wells to production combined with cleaning up/stimulating shut-in and under producing wells.

Illinois Basin
The Illinois Basin has produced over 4 Billion barrels much of it from sands shallower than 3000’. With low cost of drilling and producing wells in the Basin, the Illinois Basin is an excellent target to drill and produce in a lower oil price environment. Dome has 32 viable locations to drill and are evaluating acquisition and partnering opportunities in the basin.