The Profitability In Mature Field Redevelopment

Dome Energy - Mature Field Recompletion

Dome Energy is a publicly traded company that specializes in the analysis, drilling and production of existing oil and gas fields, also knows as mature field redevelopment. Though some of these existing fields may have passed their peak production levels, their reservoirs are still very much productive and, depending on the strategy, they can be very lucrative. 

Mature Field Redevelopment

Simply put, a field is mature once its production has reached its peak and begun its decline. By no means does that mean continued production from mature fields is futile or unprofitable.

Because the initial development phase of many conventional oil and gas plays yield less than 50% of its recoverable oil, most of today’s global production comes from secondary or tertiary production phases. In fact, 70% of the world’s oil and gas production occurs in these so-called mature fields.

With an accurate well-implementation strategy and latest technologies to optimize production capacity, companies can cost-effectively access and produce the remaining oil and gas reservoirs. Considering the difference in upfront costs and higher projected returns on investment, mature field redevelopment projects pose themselves as low risk opportunities compared to unconventional drilling plays.

Redevelopment is Dome Energy’s Specialty

Dome Energy operates with agile stance. With staff of select and versatile industry professionals, we eye maximum output at minimal cost.

Combining historical production data with structural, stratigraphic and seismic mapping to pinpoint locations we effectively target wellsites with the greatest potential. To bolster our mapping arsenal, we’ve begun to roll out 3D seismic surveying technologies for even more accuracy in wellsite planning.

Even during the drilling and then production process, we diligently monitor our existing wells to maintain a profitable flow while calculating the benefits of re-completing older wells in the area to ensure maximum reservoir payouts.

With state of the art mapping technologies, our salt dome assets in Texas and shale plays in Kentucky, our proprietary pipeline and cutting edge gathering systems, Dome Energy has the capacity for large growth for other mature field redevelopment possibilities.