Shareholder Information

Dome Energy recently transitioned into focusing purely on oil and gas production in the United States. Dome Energy is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ First North in Sweden.

  • Dome Energy AB was listed as a public company in 2006
  • Large and varied shareholder base with more than 3,000 shareholders


Important information about First North

First North is an alternative market, operated by the different exchanges within NASDAQ Stockholm. It does not have the legal status as an EU-regulated market. Companies at First North are subject to the rules of First North and not the legal requirements for admission to trading on a regulated market. The risk in such an investment may be higher than on the main market. All companies with shares traded on First North have a Certified Adviser who monitors that the rules are followed. NASDAQ Stockholm approves the application for admission to trading on First North.


As per June 29, 2018 (before the reversed split)

* Updated July 27, 2018

Owner Percentage of Capital/Votes* Number of Shares
Range Ventures LLC & Petrus AS 29.3% 108,069,537
Kvalitena AB* 23.9% 88,189,690
Gabrielsson Invest AB* 6.9% 25.554.810
Mikael Fellbrant
5.2% 19,321,682
Avanza Pension* 4.2% 15,577,962
Bustein AS* 3.6% 13.367.786
Paul Mørch 3.2% 11,750,000
Jula AB* 1.7% 6,133,443
Deutsche Bank Suisse S.A. 1.1% 4,193,706
Ivan Fellbrant 1.0% 3,737,500
Middelborg Invest AS* 1.0% 3.584.335
Svante Carlsson 0.9% 3,500,000
12 largest shareholders 82.1% 302,980,451
Other Shareholders* 17.9% 66,105,999
Total Outstanding Shares 100% 369,086,450