Domestic Oil and Gas Satisfying National Demand

American oil and gas products meet 63% of American energy demands.

A recent publication by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)  states that American energy sources satisfied 84% of the nation’s demand for energy in 2013.

According to the report, in 2013 the United States produced a total of 81.4 quadrillion (quads) British thermal units with homegrown resources that include oil and gas, coal, nuclear and renewable energy.

The report cites that for the third consecutive year, natural gas was the largest domestically produced fuel source and combined with domestically produced crude oil, feed 63% of the nation’s 97.5 quad Btu energy demand. If coal is included, the three fossil fuels power 82% of America’s energy requirements.

Natural gas’ role in this matter cannot be over looked. Over the past decade, advances in geological surveying, unconventional drilling and production practices, as well as an emphasis on pipeline growth, have gone to diminish reliance on foreign energy –  a reliance that peaked in 2005 when American-sourced energy could only provide for 69% of national demand.

Dome Energy’s role in this surge of domestic energy reliance also cannot be overstated. Over the past several years, Dome Energy has acquired 23 miles of natural gas pipeline infrastructure and has constructed 55 producing wells in the Devonian Shale. These natural gas well sites to date have a proven 8.3 bcf capacity and firmly placed Dome Energy as a significant contributor to our country’s energy solution.

In terms of crude oil production, Dome Energy is also a potent contributor. Its Orange Field Dome and Concord Field Dome activities have yielded 1.2M bbl of proven crude assets.

Moving forward variables like foreign production, import policies and domestic drilling moratorium lifts could lead to increased consumption of domestic oil and gas products. No matter the outcomes of these variables, Dome Energy has the flexibility and the industry know-how to remain a profitable contributor to the American energy sector.